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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  November 4, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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>> an east bay mother accused of buapg her toddler has turned herself in. >> she told officers she didn't feel fit to be a mother and she is facing charges. terry mcsweeney joins us with more. >> the woman was booked here on charges of child deavy charges, that is felony. she could be behind bars for years for leaving her
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18-month-old behind. >> she turned herself in about 6:00. police say she dropped her 18-month-old son in the san pablo son and took off in a taxi. >> she saw the media reports around 6:00 this morning and contacted us. we brought her in for a interview. >> what do you think? >> basically she is telling us she felt she was an unfit mother and somebody else would be able to care for the child rather than her. >> she does have a than arrest record but would not go into details. the boy is now with contra costa family services. >> the child is in good care. i don't expect they are going to release that child back to her. >> and the mother may be in prison for a while, the family
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services director the best option for the child would be able to find a relative to care for him. >> california does have a safe surrender law allowing parents to drop a newborn at a fire station or hospital but that only applies to a child up to three days old. besides, this child was not dropped off at a safe location. in east oakland, two people were killed during an early morning crash following a high speed freeway chase. highway patrol officers tried to pull over the driver of a speeding bmw. the 19-year-old driver from oakland refused to stop and after a brief chase officers stopped the pursuit. the driver raced down macarthur boulevard. moments later they slammed into an suv. officers arrived quickly and
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tried to help. >> the vehicle started to catch on fire. we opened the car up and tried to get him out of there. the ambulance came and was able to take the driver to the high land hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> authorities say they were not pursuing the vehicle and they don't know why the driver did not pull over. investigators will only say the victims are both men. >> tomorrow a judge in los angeles will sentence former bart police officer mehserle of involuntary manslaughter. his sentence could range from 14 years in prison to probation. prosecutors are calling for prison time. but mehserle's attorney is asking for probation saying it was a tragic accident. mehserle claims he meant to grab his taser but reached for his
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gun by mistake. they are preparing for the possibility of protests after the sentencing. more officers will be on duty if needed. >> an early morning fire has driven 40 people from their homes in redwood city. it broke out this morning, near woodside road. it spread to the second floor of a three-story building. firefighters helped to rescue victims and red cross is assisting. jerry brown isn't waiting until he gets into office until january to tackle the state's budget crisis. he is set to meet with schwarzenegger in sacramento this afternoon. yesterday he outlined his goals saying some workers will have to accept pension reform or accept less when they retiree. and darrell feinberg announced
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that california is short $12 billion. >> and they will consider to ex techbd a temporary injunction from funding from a mild child care program. 8,000 bay area children and low income working families depend on the child care program. last month governor swarzenegger eliminated $256 million in funding for that program to boost the emergency state fund. the temporary injunction keeps the program running while they consider whether the governor's cuts were legal. that injunction is set to expire tomorrow. >> on the national level the power struggle has begun two days after the election. a top republican leader took an approach this morning, even as president obama extended an invitation to the white house. janelle wang is live with more. >> americans are calling on
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politicians to unite. he has telephoned top republicans on regaining control of the house. in general the republicans want to come together but not without making some threats. >> the white house has a choice, they can change course or they can double down. >> this morning, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell held a news conference calling the next two years critical. >> the fact is if our primary legislative goals is to repeal the spending bill, end bail outs and shrink the side of government is to put somebody in the white house that will not veto these things. >> he took more a of bipartisan stand when he spoke this morning. >> it's clear that the voters sent a message which is they want us to focus on the economy and jobs and moving this country
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forward. they are concerned about making sure that taxpayer money is not wasted. >> the president reiterated he wants a better working relationship between the white house and new congressional leadership. an invitation to meet at the white house in two weeks. top democrats will meet and top republicans, john boehner and mitch mcconnell. >> this is going to be a meeting in which i want us to talk substantively about how we can move the american people's agenda forward. >> right now both parties seem to agree to cut government waste and prevent tax hikes to the middle-class but agreeing on that may be the challenge. >> if the administration wants cooperation it it will have to begin to move in our direction.
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>> opponent leaves tomorrow for asia where he'll visit four countries in ten days. the goals is to get u.s. companies to sell more to the asian market which would create more jobs here at home. janelle wang, "abc 7 news." >> and still ahead, why the shuttle discovery's final launch is being delayed again. >> and frightening incident that has one of the world's biggest airlines grounded.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor a former cellmate of the man accused of murdering chandra levy testified today. he was serving time in prison for assaulting two women in the park where her body was found more than nine years ago. his cellmate confessed to the killing but denied raping her. he only intended to rob her. the investigation derailed gary condit's career. >> they have grounded jets. plane and 459 passengers and crew did manage to make it back safely, qantas passengers say they heard a large boom and
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large engine part fell from the sky. people on the ground they heard on blast. >> it was behind the wing, we heard a big blast. everybody was pretty shaken by it. the pilot did a fantastic job. >> the airbus 380 debuted as the biggest jet in the world. this is the most serious midair incident in the history. qantas has not had fatal accident in more than 50 years. >> space shuttle discovery has been delayed again. it's the latest postponements. mission managers say they'll travel tomorrow just after noontime. nasa has certainly n will sunday
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to launch discovery otherwise the it will remain grounded until december. >> so we are still in the glow of the giants' parade, world series victory. >> we're still in the glow of sunshine and warm weather. take a look at this, another warmer than average day where we could set record highs. i do have a twist for the weekend. i have made the forecast a little drier. i'll have details. >> for the first time ever, a special c.t. scan can save thousands of lives from the nation's top cancer killer. >> the reason that crystal palin had for not voting in this election. [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience
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a new recall. they are recalling 23,000 infant car seats for faulty harness
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clips. they say the harness can break loose and be a choking hazard. they have received three reports of slight injuries. go to our website at under see it on tv to get information on a free repair kit. >> 200 people have new jobs in san francisco thanks to a major retailer opening the first location in the city. lowe's opened this morning. they are hosting a grand opening ceremony right now. 200 people will work there and hundred of those jobs were set aside for local that has live in bay view and bernal heights. >> what is good for that element of the city is that people have a job but they have a career. these are one of the things we haven't had to discuss, career paths, home ownership will increase and schools will be more productive and resourceful. >> the home improvement store
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sits on a site that was vacant for many years after the lumber company there closed. >> gorgeous morning out there. >> cooler weather this weekend. you can't keep record highs in the forecast for too many days in a row. things do have a change. we're seeing a little bit of a change, high clouds are more numerous than they were yesterday. that will continue tomorrow and in to saturday. they are not filtering the sunshine whatsoever. look how warm it is outside already as we look downtown san francisco where the temperature is 68 degrees already. we're in the mid to upper 50s and redwood city, livermore, antioch, oakland, san rafael. napa, santa rosa, low 70s and lot of other neighborhoods, even 77 degrees in half moon bay. monterey, low to mid-70s. and gilroy, not too far behind at 59 degrees.
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warm temperatures today, again possible record setting day. we have had five records set or tied. showers, we have one for saturday but better chance will be sunday. much cooler weather for next week. as far as our highs today, nine degrees warmer than average to 15 in san jose. you'll notice concord, oakland, santa rosa, the asterisks and those are potentially record high temperatures. down in the south bay, 80, 81 degrees. 76 in millbrae and low 80s on the peninsula. low to mid-70s around the coast. beaches in the low to mid-70s but inland valleys in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. sonoma, 80 this afternoon. oakland, 80, hayward around 78 degrees which is well above average. same thing with the east bay valleys, upper on 70s to low
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80s. monterey and carmel, mid-70s. warmest weather down to the south, low to mid 90s around san diego and palm springs and sunshine b, about 67 in tahoe. tonight we have 60 degree temperatures and everybody else in the mid to upper 50s and high clouds that will keep our temperatures up again. high pressure is being pushed slowly off to the east and that is why we're seeing the high pressure get a little dirty with the high clouds, cold front is really starting to far apart. it will bring us a chance of showers and then a better chance coming in sunday that all of us could get a quarter inch of rain. until then, we'll see temperatures cool a little bit tomorrow and more so, in fact by sunday we could 10 to 18 degrees cooler. there is a small chance of a shower in the north bay on
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tuesday but that quite a ways away. >> and we have defending news about running cancer. first evidence is about a way to detect it early. national cancer institute shows a special type of ct scanning can detect lung cancer than traditional checkups. it involved 53,000 former smokers. some only have 50% survival right but the study found 20% fewer deaths from lung cancer with c.t. scans versus x-rays. the results sorry significant. researchers ended the study to get the information out to doctors right away. most insurance does not cover those c.t. scans. >> how many times has moms remind you to do something. crystal palin forgot to send her
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absentee ballot in alaska. she told a tv show, i'm going to be trouble, sorry mom. whether when asked sarah palin should run for president, she said she would be great for the country. >> nasa jet propulsion lab revealed a deep comet. ne they snapped pictures from 435 miles away. they are trying to determine if there is any damage to the spacecraft. study with comets could provide clues in how the planets formed. >> and grateful dead perform >> all new. surprise! your teen heartthrobs are here. my dream date with jackie jackson. oprah: ah! the backstreet boys.
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shaun cassidy. you can see
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today at 4:00, back street boys and other surprises. >> and new lung cancer at 5:00 we're going to find out how local doctors are reacting they know that c.t. scans can detect lung cancer and kids discover a northern california mine after nearly falling to their death. >> let's talk about what we're going to do this weekend. >> don sanchez has what's hot. >> powerful taiko drumming, the taiko festival is rhythm him at
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yerba buena center. >> and sensation. they perform paris at the bollywood cafe. >> san from a cisco symphony honors the mexican revolution. saturday afternoon in da davis symphony hall. >> pamela rose has a sassy show by great style composers. wild women of song at yoshi's in oakland. >> axis dance, a program inspired by famed paintings. >> he is not just grateful dead's drummer, he an artist. playing in healdsburg and it continues also in san francisco.
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>> pearls over shanghai is a gender bending celebration of the anniversary. at thrill peddlers on tenth street. >> more features, at the american indian film festival at embarcadero center and next week at the palace of fine arts. >> saturday night, see the documentary, butte, america about an mining town that became a nightmare. i'm don sanchez. >> mike has a great weekend for us. >> looks like it will be transition week for cooler weather. a little rain on sunday. >> thanks for joining us. that is going to do it for "abc 7 news." >> "who wants to be a
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